Webathon @ ACEIT Jaipur

‘’Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity’’ with this idea in minds, our team at Arya College of Engineering & I.T. heralded the first ‘Hands on session’ workshop on  HTML, CSS and brief about JS.
The workshop was suddenly announced for all the students of CS-A(II yr.).
The students were filled with joy and happiness, when they told that they are going for the exciting and learning session instead of their boring lectures. All the students gathered in the computer lab, switched on their terminals and were ready to experience a roller-coaster ride with the team. This event was done with the collaboration with Google Club at Arya College. The session started at around 9 A.M. with little briefing about the Google Team and the agenda of workshop.

Starting with the workshop me and Ashwin introduced students to Google Club and Firefox Club i.e OpenMoz and informed them about various opportunities that they can gain with the help of this club. Students were very excited to know about various internship and scholarships program provided by these organization. Team told them about all the internship programs and all the opportunities they can receive from Google and also informed them about all the skills they needed to have benefits of these internship programs. I also told them about that how this workshop can help them to contribute in Firefox OS, in continuing with that I give them a brief about Firefox OS and show them how awesome things can be done through Web Technologies. Students were really excited to create their application for Firefox OS so that all users can use their apps. But for that they must have some knowledge of web Technologies.

So me along with Ayush started introducing them with HTML. Students really showed their interest in learning HTML throughly. The most important thing was that the participant were really very interactive so they cleared all doubts at instance.
As it was a completely Hands On Session so they loved it to implement what they had learned and made their own web pages with their own design.

The session became much more interactive and interesting when they were presented swags and gifts for being inquisitive towards HTML. All the volunteers were very helpful during the entire session.

Interest among students was boost up when we showed the magic of CSS in workshop. The student implemented all concept and loved CSS too much that they were not willing to leave class as there is no end of CSS.

The best thing about the workshop was that all the students felt relaxed, free and were at ease to ask any kinds of doubts from the seniors while they are always a bit hesitant in front of the teacher. We also provided them many more tutorials for further more depth knowledge about the topics. Some practice links were provide to students so that they can work on it and also promise them to have a session on Firefox OS application Development as soon as they got much familiar with Web tools.
The session wrapped up at around 4PM, with the promise of meeting soon to learning many new things in the future because we must “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.

In the end I wanna Thanks my team for making it a great success, because without their help this event was not possible.

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