MiniCamp Jaipur

Mozilla Community, Rajasthan have always been a budding, ebullient community of Mozilla India. The community’s recent event, the Mini Camp at Jaipur have risen the bar for future events. The warm feeling of having more people in the family is always a treat, and all the community members joined together to welcome the new, exciting and passionate youngsters into the team.

The amazing participants.

Vineel anna’s intro. session

The best part of the camp is the participants. They are the best set of participants any event organizing team can imagine. They were brimming with passion and a willingness to learn about the Mozilla Mission and eagerness to contribute towards it.

The event started at around 10:30, where we had the Mozilla India’s back-bone Vineel Reddy as the chief guest. He started the camp with an awesome story of Mozilla India, it’s journey and Mozilla’s plans forward and how do volunteers around India, are steering them.

All the participants were welcomed warmly and Entered the venue by marking their attendance 😛



Then, the hacking began. There were black screens with a lot of code , on one table and the other, filled up with vibrant webmaker tools. People were hacking their dream apps, bringing them into reality, conjuring up awesome popcorn makes, tweaking around with the X-ray goggles. The entire lounge was a developer’s delight.

Amongst the ones with whom I have interacted is Ayush. He is a third year Mech. undergrad. But, lack of background have never really managed to take him down. Let me cite my conversation with this amazing guy:

Me — Hi Ayush, so what have you built? Can you explain it to me?

Ayush — I have built an app, which would help ensure the safety of women. (His App)

Me — Wonderful, any ideas for extension or some more cool features you’d like to add?

Ayush — Yes definitely, I want to implement stuff like Geo-location, etc for this app.

Frankly speaking, he has been an inspiration for me.

The other brain behind this amazing app is Sachin Goyal.

Another example would be Vidhi Mittal, a fresher from the Arya College. Her lack of experience, didn’t stop her from conjuring up a wonderful webpage on Thimble, which would brief starters about the Mozilla Project and ways of getting involved.

These two examples were just a small subset of the amazing pool of participants.

All of them have been a source of inspiration for the entire organizing team. With such an awesome additions, the Mozilla Rajasthan, and most importantly the Mozilla India team would really grow strong.

On other side of table we had App Development Session which was taken by Lavish Aggarwal (me), I teach them about development of Firefox Apps from root to tree. and had a special session on HTML who weren’t aware of it but wanna know about the app dev.


These were the ideas which have been turned into realities. Each one of them, was a brain-storming idea, and all of them have taken the form of a web-make or a Firefox OS app. There have been some awesome efforts and guidance of the mentors too, who have helped the participants throughout the camp.

Finally, the camp have been wrapped up at around 5:30 pm, with some really wacky photo session, and with a satisfaction of introducing around 15–20 contributors to Mozilla.

Finally, a huge thank you for Vineel anna, Anju, Chandan and Gautam. It was a wonderful experience hanging out with you guys.

Finally, let’s not forget the captains of MCR, Dron and Ram, who have been driving us behind the scenes. This event wouldn’t be even close to possibility without you guys.

And dear Mozilla India, we made our captain dance.

I tell you, his dance is a must-see, and you would be missing something, if you don’t have this in your event(s). <wink>

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