Android Session

“Sharing is the first stage to the evolution of the intellectual” this was the idea when we thought of extending the reach of the knowledge brook that we have created in the openmoz club with others. And as a result we brought out a session on Android in ‘Arya College of Engineering and I.T.’.

The session was started with a clippings from Google I/O 2014 on the new design concept which is to come with new Android L followed by an short intro. on android it’s history and it’s versions by Aditya Shubham.

Then the session was taken over by Hitesh Verma on Android rooting, where he told students about how to root their android phones?, what is custom ROMs and Stock ROMs and how to install ROMs into their android devices?, he ended his session by telling student how to unroot their devices if needed.


Then the stage was in the hands of Lavish Aggarwal(me) for an introductory briefing on android app development  where I told students about development of Android Apps and how to set-up environment for developing android apps that included installation of ADT bundle, plug-ins, etc. And a quick demo of app was given.


Then the next session was taken by Khushbu Parakh and Aditya Shubham where they informed students about top utility and technical apps that are basic necessity and an idea was given that how they can develop such apps. At the last final end-note given by Ashwin Devarajan.


Group picture in the end of session.


This workshop was suddenly planned and maximum output was given by each member of the club to make this workshop a success. Thanks to each member of OpenMoz.


Doing good is part of our code

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