MozIgnite @ Sri Ganganagar

28th March 2014
So this time its Sri Ganganagar my Home Town, spreading the word Mozilla. Mozilla Community Rajasthan this time organized a workshop at Nosegay Public School, Sri Ganganagar. Audience of this workshop was 12th Class and Speakers was:

  • Dron Rathore
  • Lavish Aggarwal
  • Osho Parth
  • Adit Bharadwaj
  • J. Raj Rohit
  • Ashish Seervi

Workshop started sharply at 10:00AM, and was started by School Director Mrs Rachna Ma’am introducing all speakers and telling student about agenda and main purpose of this workshop.


First session was taken by Mr. Dron Rathore informing student about what are the benefits of this workshop and how they can be a part of this community by doing awesome work and contribution. He told them about mozilla credits page and how they can add their name in that credit page. He also told them about mozilla, its mission and products of mozilla.



Students were eager to see their names in credits page ASAP 🙂


Next session was taken by Mr. Osho Parth introducing students about Open Source, realizing them to feel true freedom than their actual freedom in this tech world. He also told them about Linux OS and its power rather than other OS. He also told them about FOSS and mozilla as a part of it.


Next session was taken by Mr. Raj Rohit, telling students about BugZilla and how to make products better through simple steps of bugzilla. He also tell them about Data Science and other Open Source project in which interested students can contribute.


Next session of Webmaker was taken by Mr. Lavish and Mr. Adit, they told students how easy it is to edit any website or create new website through live rendering of the code and video mixing by the awesome tools of mozilla i.e. X-Ray Googles, Thimble, Popcorn. Students were amazed by live editing of website through these tools.


Last session was taken by Mr. Ashish Seervi, he told them about how to get involved in mozilla community through SUMO contribution and also told them about FSA program.

Had a great time with these school students and also had great response from them.

Group pic with team 🙂


Doing good is a part of our code

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